Opportunity Seldom Makes House Calls

The cliché says when opportunity knocks, get up and answer the door. However, Opportunity is very busy and often can’t commit to making house calls. That doesn’t mean he’s out of business. He just takes a little more effort to contact.

This rehashing of a familiar metaphor is really trying to illustrate that opportunities don’t always fall into your lap. As an aspiring writer, you’ve no doubt heard how challenging the world of publishing is, how it seems all those opportunities are shrinking. They aren’t disappearing. They’re relocating.

The key to uncovering those hidden opportunities is to put yourself out there. The landscape of our world is changing dramatically, the digital world providing new platforms, the nature of being a successful writer shifting and evolving like a living creature. Don’t be afraid to get involved in this world, because it’s where Opportunity is taking its siesta in between its intermittent rounds. And it’s not just the Internet, but other media as well. Have you ever thought about film or live performance as writing? Have you considered getting involved in reading events? All of this increases your visibility and can open those doors you want.

There’s too much talent in this world to have it turn to dust in a hard drive. So don’t wait for the opportunities to make the house call. Go out and seize them. Create some.

I know, for me, that becoming active in writing clubs and theatre has changed my life and my career. So many doors have opened for me just these past few years alone. And it’s been a blast working to make it happen. But I had to take that first step. I had to create the opportunity. And you can too.

Share your ideas, ask to get involved, show interest, help out. All of this will propel you toward those tantalizing opportunities we creative people adore. It can be frightening, but it’s one hell of a ride. So get out there and get involved!

Because Opportunity may have misplaced your home address.

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